Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Best Development for Retail Application

Wozti Technologies is one of the best technology companies that meets consumer requirements by ingeniously designing mobility and retail software solutions, helping them create a foothold in the industry.

Our holistic approach towards any issue makes us the industry’s go-to solution providers. With a renowned team of desktop application developers, mobile application developers (Android & iOS), UX / UI designers and technology consultants, we have repeatedly supplied customers worldwide with the best possible products.

The Retail Industry today

In the past 5 years, retailing has changed so immensely. The customer is more conscious and calls for outstanding experiences lying on his sofa. Everyone has been tech-savvy and social media is immensely involved. The average customer is aware of how easily stuff can be bought whenever he likes, wherever he wants, with a tap of his back. The decisions are endless and the customers are hungry for this superior experience.

The global retail industry is projected to rise to nearly $ 30 trillion by the end of 2017, from $22 trillion in 2014. In this giant industry, it is therefore very advisable to tap the potential of a properly organized medium. Mobility technologies and tailor-made apps will help the retailer simultaneously retain and expand.

Wozti Technologies & Retail

With the following solutions, we can improve your retailing business:

Mobility Solutions

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For your clients, our mobile application developers and UX / UI designers will map simple user experiences and interactions, giving you a competitive advantage in the retail industry. You will be able to understand customer behavior better through user dashboards and analytics and prepare a better digital strategy.

UX / UI Enhancement

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When decorated with state of the art UX / UI templates, interactive websites, mobile apps and other platforms will more easily engage users. To understand the customer profile, our UX / UI experts dig deep into user research and go the extra mile to create a smooth shopping experience for your customers

Augmented Reality ( AR)

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Sensitive products that are turned by virtual reality into life-like entities will safeguard your role as an industry leader. We will develop an omnichannel shopping experience for your clients at Wozti Technologies. Imagine building a live shopping experience for your clients where they can view product data from their mobile devices in 3D models and make real-time shopping decisions.

Virtual Reality (VR)

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Users will experience the product sitting in the comforts of their home with applications such as a 3-dimensional retail store with brief product features. With an interactive product catalog, Wozti Technology can help you create a virtual store and provide users with an amazing shopping experience anywhere, anywhere.

All our customers have enjoyed our world-class products and solutions. In order to remain at the forefront of technology, our creative approach and problem-solving skills will improve your retail sector.

Possibilities for retailers

  1. Go Mobile: Mobility solutions can be a match maker for retailers, with over 222.9 million users in the US and 910 million users in India alone.
  2. SMAC: Utilizing full social media, web platforms, analytics and cloud computing capabilities.
  3. AR / VR: Inculcate software for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to provide an amplified shopping experience for consumers.
  4. Custom-built UI / UX: Using world-class UX / UI templates to increase mobility solutions and mobile interaction, creating a clutter-free consumer shopping experience.

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